Consider these Factors when Building your 2021 Plan; Part 2

As we enter the last quarter of 2020, organizations face tough questions about how they’ll stay competitive and how they’ll transition into our next phase of working. That’s why in our blog last month, we talked about the importance of building your 2021 plan today. We stressed that companies need to move forward from a security-centered mindset. By identifying security gaps, we believe companies can maintain stable application performance for SaaS(Software as a Service) solutions and cloud applications employees use daily. We also recommend zeroing in on cloud security with a next-gen firewall, plus protecting endpoints, including servers, workstations, laptops, and mobile devices.

Is Work From Home (WFH) the Future of Work? 

Very likely, it will be included as an option for employees. That’s primarily because the pandemic has normalized remote working, showing many companies that WFH arrangements are a viable strategy. We’ve heard that big-time tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Twitter will be keeping their employees working from home at least until likely into 2021, and some for good. Many SMBs are also embracing remote work options because they appreciate the flexibility WFH arrangements bring. Employers also like the lower cost structure of at-home work, compared to having a larger office footprint. According to a Global Workplace Analytics study, employers can save about $11,000 a year for every person who works at least half time remotely.

Consider a Hybrid Workforce

There is another side to the story. According to Gessler’s survey, many employees are looking forward to returning to the office. Their research suggests 12% of people want to continue to work from home full-time and most want to go back to the office full-time, or are looking for a balance between the two. That’s why, for many organizations, a hybrid workforce – where employees choose to work both remotely and in the office – is so appealing. Plus, there’s the fact that some jobs simply can’t be done from home – healthcare workers, manufacturing techs, grocery clerks, retail and restaurant workers, etc. For many industries, physical workspace is still critical. 

So, what does it all mean? 1st – employers need to secure WFH infrastructures to protect data, networks, and systems and keep remote employees productive. 2nd – businesses need to make physical work environments as safe as possible to limit the possible transmission of COVID-19. 

Start with a Proactive Plan

For their part, the CDC recommends a preparedness plan that outlines administrative controls to mitigate physical working environments risks. They outline ways to limit community transmission to protect people and maintain healthy business operations. We also believe part of that plan should include mapping out who will be returning to the office. What about a hybrid workforce? Will, you set up a rotating schedule for hybrid remote/in-office workers? How will you manage the schedule and cleaning procedures? Starting with these questions will put you in a proactive, not reactive position. 

Physical Distancing + Monitoring Symptoms 

Bringing some workers back to the office should also include physical distancing in workspaces, using barriers or types of partition controls, and, if necessary, providing personal protective equipment. Another option provides screening and monitoring of employees for any symptoms. Intelligent Thermal Monitoring systems are available that can check a person’s body temperature before allowing entry into a building or other public area. Taking these steps can help your organization provide in-office safety and demonstrate to employees and customers that your organization is making health and wellness a priority. 

You can read our July blog for an in-depth look at thermal monitoring tools. Thermal Monitoring Solutions are ground-breaking in short because they are an entirely non-invasive way to check a person’s body temperature. The answer is unique because it uses video cameras to monitor from up to 10 feet away from the individual being screened, meeting physical distancing guidelines. Plus, it uses AI facial detection and visual analytics to track an individual’s facial area, even if they’re wearing masks. 

Switch the Lights Back on with Confidence 

How your company chooses to switch the lights back on at your office will shape your organization’s corporate culture. Done right, you’ll create a reputation of employee and customer care that will have far-reaching positive effects. At Carrier Solutions Group, we offer a set of tools and best practices that will secure WFH environments, and we can help you identify and deploy the right Thermal Monitoring Solution. That way, you can keep employees, customers, and partners secure in digital and physical work locations. 

You’re not in this alone! 

Call or email us for help on your next steps. 

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