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Want to Find the Right 4G LTE Provider? Read On!

Posted by on October 14th, 2020 in 4G LTE/5G, Blog Posts, Mobility

Remember when 3G and 4G connections were ‘second rate’? When cell phone calls frequently dropped or you had dead spots in most remote areas, or even in your living room? What about Verizon’s old ‘can you hear me now?’ ads? Generation Zers and millennials may not recall, but thanks to Youtube they can still get […]

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Starting 2021 planning? Start with Cybersecurity for Peace of Mind

We’ve all been there, especially recently. We open our laptops, get ready to work, and see a blaring message and subject line – “URGENT INFORMATION LETTER: COVID-19 NEW APPROVED VACCINES.” You guessed it – it’s a COVID-19 phishing scam. Since January, cybercriminals have been working overtime looking to leverage uncertainty around the coronavirus pandemic. These […]

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Defining SD-WAN and Hybrid WAN

Posted by on September 16th, 2020 in Blog Posts, Network Services, SD-WAN, WAN

The concepts that make up Software-defined Wide-Area-Networking, or SD-WAN, are anything but new. They include encryption technologies, subscription-based pricing, network overlays, and path controls, which have been used in the enterprise for some time now. However, SD-WAN is particularly unique because it takes these technologies and bundles them together for businesses looking for a lean […]

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Increasing Remote Workers’ Productivity through Hosted PBX

Posted by on August 19th, 2020 in Blog Posts, Cloud Solutions, Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is a cloud-based communications system that allows employees to access all of the features of a business phone system—such as voicemail, fax, conference calling, and others—from anywhere that has an internet connection. This means that employees can work from anywhere in the world while still making a positive impression on clients with a […]

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Top Five Questions to Ask When Evaluating Colocation Partners

It used to be that organizations turned to data centers for the basics, such as sufficient power, along with cooling, and backup services to keep IT systems up and running even in the event of an outage. Businesses relied on colocation partners to manage their hardware assets, deliver carrier and connectivity options, and provide network […]

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"We absolutely LOVE working with CSG and feel we can trust her explicitly in all matters telecommunications. She is always there for us when we need any sort of guidance or support – whether it be vendor choices, carrier/circuit issues, communications and network infrastructure. That means a lot to Catalina Express – honesty, integrity, and respect are essential in any relationship, working or otherwise."
- Jill Montgomery, Catalina Express
"What I appreciate about Carrier Solutions is the holistic approach of understanding our entire phone needs, then matching the best carrier for those needs, and then helping us execute and integrate the system into our offices! Liane was extremely patient, over communicated every step of the way, and helped us with several issues that we could not have anticipated. All of this was done in the most professional manner. It is hard to find business partners that a small businesses can rely upon, and Carrier Solutions exceeded our expectations."
- Kelly Marks, Zeppos Law Group
Over the years, Carrier Solutions has been our trusted resource for all our data/telecom needs. Their depth of expertise and excellent customer service has made us a client for life.
- Ken Hodges, Western National Group
"Very pleased with the relationship CO-OP has with Carrier Solutions and Linda Gattis. Linda and the Carrier Solutions team have gone above and beyond with every project we have had, in making sure our needs are addressed. Would recognize them as a top channel partner and a leader in the industry."
- Ron Norys, Director of Networking CO-OP Financial Services
"CSG helped us search, analyze and negotiate favorable telecom agreements and successfully implement a new Enterprise WAN infrastructure utilizing the SD-WAN technology. They are very competent and knowledgeable, always willing to work with the provider we’ve selected on our behalf to benefit us."
- Romy Coronel, SCE
"Carrier Solutions Group helped our organization to negotiate favorable telecom agreements and to implement a new WAN infrastructure utilizing MPLS technology. Their ongoing support of our voice and data service has helped us to streamline our communications and reduce our overall expense."